The girl had a mind that was always hopping with ideas, so many that, with a single word of encouragement, they would spill out for pages and pages, be it in words or doodles, seemingly without end. However, this phenomena only seemed to happen out of class with friends. In class, she would think and think, only to stare in frustration at the blinking cursor, at the empty page that sat in front of her. Her creativity was fickle, and could rarely be called when she actually had to work, when her success was on the line.

Protagonist Edit

In the early hours of the morning, when the sun was still low, coloring the sky yellow at the very edges over the tops of trees, the empress liked to have her servants bring out a throne of cushions, so that she may sit by the river, close to the tree that rather resembled an asparagus. (She noted this, but despite her distaste for the vegetable, she never had the heart to cut it down. The tree itself never did any harm to her after all.) Despite being alone, despite the fact that she wouldn’t even be able to look upon its splendor from that angle, she would wear her crown of stars. She would stay there for hours, scepter in hand, basking in the light of the sun as it slowly rose, until she would finally return to the castle, to where she would be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of her court.

Dialogue Edit

“Take me to the river. It is time.”

Action Edit

The Empress would sit among her courtiers, a little rigid and tired, wishing to be along again.

Antagonist Edit

The world, whose favorite manifestation was that a young woman. Some, gazing upon it, would think it to be an angel, a wingless one, but an angel nonetheless, as they could find it floating in the center of a giant wreath, surrounded by four heads swathed in clouds--the head of a man, an eagle, a bull, and a lion. Each were proud and fierce. Terrible in their perfection. Each face was only one side to it. Its gaze was vacant. The world bore no ill will, specific or otherwise, against anyone or anything, but it held a pair of batons, and sometimes they happened to strike someone. (A particular someone being the empress.)


“What happened to you is simply a matter of circumstance. It has no bearing on you or I.”

Action Edit

Lounge on a cloud probably

Swap roles Edit

The world would sometimes find itself strolling through the soft golden fields. Strolling was an altogether different sensation from floating, and enjoyable in its own right. Things always seemed to look so different up close like this. As aware as it was of every single plant and creature that it sustained and surrounded, like this, gathered into a singular being, it could see everything from a completely different point of view.

Dialogue Edit

“You, you there!” The world turned slowly at the sound of the voice. It was a strong voice, clear and regal, but a little arrogant and, in the world’s opinion, perhaps a little highstrung as well. A ruler? A leader at the very least. But all leaders, no matter how important, were little more than another grain of sand to the world. At least, in general.

“Yes?” the world answered, finally looking upon the bearer of the voice. It was a woman seated upon a throne of cushions, looking exceedingly irritated.

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