The town of Moonhollow is a sleepy town, which lies surrounded by sparse woods in a lush land that is for the most part, green, and the weather even-tempered. There is nothing special about the town itself. It has few roads, all of which are long and dirt-covered, evened out by human feet or even pig-drawn carriages. (Curiously, nobody in Moonhollow rides horses. They prefer to be transported by hogs. Or in one aspiring witch’s case, atop a broom.) A small lake by a farm sits under the sun, and is a popular spot for any youngling that may wish to take a boat ride, or perhaps a swim in its calm waters.

Respected girl photographer Daisy Sailortop, who was determined to capture the daily life of her fellow residents of Moonhollow, was once asked to take what she considered a particularly memorable photo. (And she had taken many, one of which had included a dog who wore spectacles and smoked while holding the news in its paws. It had stared at her until she left.) Outside their house, Riley and Sarah O’Connor posed under a naked tree by their deceased mother, once known to be a champion archer, whom they had beheaded after her death themselves.

It was, according to them, a family tradition to separate the heads from the bodies of newly dead relatives. The bodies would be buried, while the heads would find themselves displayed in whatever manner the person, prior to death, had requested. Their uncle, for example, had requested for his head to be mounted in the beak of a human-sized chicken costume.

Not entirely sure whether or not the O’Connors spoke the truth, but unwilling to stick around, young Daisy hurried down to the patch of grass and bushes by the lake to make her confirmations with the three long-haired seer sisters.

Keeping their backs to her, they conferred and whispered amongst one another, raising their arms up to the blue skies above to for the answers. Finally, they turned just enough for her to see the profiles of their pale faces, answered that indeed the O’Connors had a long-standing tradition of severing the heads from already-dead relatives’ bodies.

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