Feathertop (Winkie Country

In Winkie Country hangs a little town that hangs from trees, otherwise known as the town of Feathertop, whose community is made up entirely of birds. The town began with children from nearby towns that liked to hang yellow birdhouses up on the low sturdy branches of the trees, and over time, it soon grew into an enclave where pigeons (and occasionally other birds) began to claim the houses permanently. The town itself is a mix from little one-roomed shacks to multi-roomed miniature mansions that could house several nests from different families. In the center is a large communal birdbath, and a dry well filled with birdseed as payment, when humans and other creatures come by asking for their mail to be delivered.

Characters Edit

The Tin Woodman Edit

The Tin Woodman himself had lived in Feathertop once for about a month, when the rain had come down and rusted him in place after he dropped accidentally his oilcan. The oilcan itself had been rather full and heavy, so none of the birds were able to personally lift it up to un-rust him.

The Mayor of Feathertop Edit

An extremely robust pigeon with glorious, fluffy white plumage. His eyes are red. He keeps a collection of vests and coats, and his favorite ones are a bright sunny yellow, buttoned with tiny seed pearls. He forgets what he says rather often. He is often seen in the company of his assistant Tweeta. They work at City Hall, a small collection of birdhouses strung side by side on a single thick branch.

Tweeta Edit

The assistant of the Mayor of Feathertop. A tiny canary who often repeats whatever the Mayor of Feathertop says so that she (and the Mayor) will be able to remember it later on. She’s shy since she had migrated to town relatively recently from Quadling Country, and has a tendency to stutter when she chirps. She wears a red handkerchief as a memento of where she used to live.

The Elite Carriers

A fleet of the strongest, fastest pigeons whose job is to deliver mail. They room together in the Carrier Mansion, the largest bird mansion in town. Delivering mail is very important, and it’s the Elite Carriers that sustain the town. Their uniforms are either solid yellow, or yellow trimmed in purple, red, or blue, indicating which country each individual Carrier is willing to fly to deliver.

The Cooers Edit

The most established family in town. They originally migrated from Quadling Country. Grandmother Cooer is an old ex-Elite Carrier who often reminisces about her days as Captain to her rambunctious grandchild Rumple, who has a tendency to accidentally muss up his feathers crashing into things. He’s not a very good flyer yet. The Cooers as a family are concerned. They live in the second largest mansion in town, which is painted a cheery pink and green.

Tarry Edit

A pigeon of average physique but rather small wings. He always hurrying to places on account of his difficulties flying. Lives in a modest one-room birdhouse close to the birdbath.  Allow him a moment’s rest on your shoulder and he’ll be happy to tell you about the town.

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