The Planet Majora Edit

In an another galaxy lies a planet that circles around a white star. The planet is characterized by large bodies of water, big land masses with varied terrain. Valleys can be found wherever it is green, lush rolling hills and high verdant mountains. The trees seem to stretch for eons. It’s best not to walk too deep into a forest. The trees are too close to allow much light through, and the creatures that live in those dark places are larger and stranger than their diminutive counterparts who live by the edges. (If you happened to go, perhaps you might have the luck to spot the horned elk-like thing that picks its way through. It has more than two eyes, and its ears are very long and twitch at every sound. But it is quiet that deep in the forest. Don’t let it hear you.)

A great desert stretches from one end to another on one such landmass, interrupted only by a few incredibly long rivers. Few live in the deserts except only the hardiest of creatures, and those who’ve structured their lives around such creatures. (It is suggested that the few civilized folk that who live in that desert must be witches, for what sort of beings could possibly survive the harsh sandstorms, the lack of water, and the raging beat of the sun?)

At the very edges of the world, it is said that there are sheets of ice that stretches as far as the eye can see. There is no life here. It is too cold. (There is life but it sleeps deep under the ice, as farther than one could ever imagine is possible. Its body is immense. It ate its fill long ago, and it slumbers, and will continue to do so unless if the waters around it warm too much.)

There are two moons. The one closer to the planet is glows pink. Its sibling glows a reddish orange. The pull they have on the oceans is strong. They wear steadily away at the lands that remain yet uncovered by water.
Vshek panorama
Vshek long skinny
Vshek world 07
Vshek terrain 06
Vshek terrain 05
Vshek terrain 04
Vshek terrain 03
Vshek terrain 02
Vshek terrain 01

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