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The world in The Necromancer and the Girl takes place in this one - that is to say, if magic was widely known about and somewhat accepted as a part of life.

Though I don't go into detail in the story, magic has been known about for awhile but not necessarily accepted until relatively recently, and even then there are some forms of magic that are more acceptable than others. Anything magical relating to death is seen as a little sketchy. There's some shame surrounding necromancy in general, even there have been many instances in which necromancy can be utilized. That shame comes from not only the non-magical population, but also within the magical community itself. Witches and wizards do frown upon necromancy and the like. While it is legal and accepted these days, there is still a certain amount of stigma that is attached to the practice. That being said, there was a time in which necromancy had actually been banned, and this rule actually affected non-magical folk as well. It had given the Church the power to do what they pleased with their lands, since suddenly people were no longer entitled to the lands in which they've buried their ancestors on. (This is related to necromancy since it's believed that most necromancers preferred easy access to the dead, aka raising their dead family members.)

The non-magical population tends to dominate the magical users population by sheer numbers, though if one consider the supernatural community on whole (such as vampires, demons, sprites, etc), this tends to even out. Anyway, regardless of numbers, the non-magical population does see itself as not exactly better, but definitely entitled to the fruits of the labor of the magical folk. This isn't always apparent, but the non-magical population do tend to take for granted and even at times resent the presence of magical folk.

In some more ordinary situations, such as the situation of Detective Jones and Morticia the necromancer, the distribution of power between them is a little more even. He has some advantages over her as a man in a patriarchal society, while she has magical abilities that he lacks. She also works as a consultant for his department, and is not directly under his power - rather, she works with him.

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