The gender politics of Morticia Four’s world in "The Necromancer and the Girl" are very similar to our own. In Morticia’s area of the world, people are largely socialized to identify as either male or female, though there are also people that don’t conform to this. This is expressed through clothing and behaviors. The media heavily plays into the idea of gender roles. There is the idea of feminine and masculine energy, and theories as to whether or not certain forms of magic are better suited to certain genders or sexes. Depending on who you ask, they’ll claim that research has indicated that these theories are for the most part unfounded.

To non-magical users, there seems to be a slight distinction between those they deem as witches and wizards. Wizards being male witches with a propensity towards good, while witches in general are associated with dark arts. Many witches have objected to this. There is nothing inherently good about being a wizard, just as there is nothing inherently bad about being a witch. That being said, witches do experience more violence upon their persons compared to wizards, by both magical and non-magical folk. Witches do tend to be better able to defend themselves against such attacks, but to even need to do so is still a sad thing. Male necromancers are a bad magic users, but obviously female necromancers are just that extra bit insidious.

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